Cameron 120PO Korb mit Shadow/Stealth burner

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I sell my complete ballon (ex D-OQIF): the envelope is not airworthy anymore (too porous), but I can deliver it if someone wants to rebuilt the top (it is a nice G24/34 from the year 2001, with around 300 hours). The rest of equipment is compesed by the bottom end in good conditions, a Schroeder 9hp inflation fan in very good conditions, and a nice closed custom built trailer, ideal for this bottom end. Equipment was correctly maintained and in service till few months ago. I'm stopping the activity. Worthington tanks are also available if needed. Contact me for more information. Equipment is in the South-East of France.
Prices: basket with burner 6000€ + VAT (negotiable)
Trailer Pongratz custom built: 3000€ negotiable (private sale)
Schroeder/Honda 9hp fan with composite propeller: 1500€ private sale.
Worthington tanks 1500€ for the set of 5 (optional).
May split, but I prefer to negotiate for the entire set.
I can sell the envelope for 750€ "as it is", or will give for free with the entire set.
More pictures and information here: https://tinyurl.com/4ckuarmy

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