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1 BB78Z (275) envelope
Ready-to-fly hot-air balloon envelope
Z-type, 24 gores, volume: 7.800 m3 (275,000 cu ft).
Standard finish: type cut of gores, balloon fabric Kubicek Polyester, Slide Vent FDS made of hyperlast heavy fabric with nomex operating ropes, rotation vents, nomex scoop and mouth 1,5 m wide, registration numbers, 4 or 8 Stubai karabiners (depending on the basket type), bag for operating ropes, crown line, melting link, transport bag, spare fabric. Ready for Flytec TT34 sensor.
Colours according to Kubicek standards.
Certification & documents: Flight Manual in English, Export Certification or Airworthiness or EASA Form 52, Certification of Nonregistration, EASA Form 1, Airworthiness Directive and Bulletins record, Bill of Sale.
Standard export customs documents.
2 Additional rotation vents
3 Additional half-panel made of nomex (Z, XR types)
4 Velcro tape with loops
3x velcro area for a banner (rows 9-13, 5 gores)
5 K50T basket Ready-to-fly basket
Type: K50T (dim. 1,60 x 3,00 m), three compartments, inside height 1,1 m. Standard finish: all-cane, suede, standard equipment: 4 karabiners, 10 tank straps, 4 support poles and covers in bag, straining beam (2 X-crosses), drop line, wall-pocket with fire extinguisher, first-aid box, nomex extinguisher sheet. Pilot restraint harness.
7 Basket door - 1x
8 Adjustable inside wall
Inside basket wall adjustable in two positions or removable.
9 Cushion floor
10 Sidewall cushion - Standard
Normally used for long sides only: open baskets 2 pcs, T/Y baskets 4 pcs, TT baskets 8 pcs.
11 Loop for pulling the basket onto the trailer
12 Ignis Plus triple burner for K40Y/T and K50Y/T basket
three units burner, 3x3,8 MW
Vaporisation (one-hose system) as standard, vapour hose on request. 2x whisper flame, pilot flame with piezo ignition.
REGO connection as standard
13 Fuel Cylinder Kubicek Prince Size - Standard
Duplex stainless steel tank - 36 kg of propane.
Complete incl. padded cover jacket + ring. Quick shut-off valve as standard.
Rego connection.
EASA certified + TUV + ADR certificate for road transport.
14 Inflator fan VH9
9 HP engine, stainless steel frame, 2-blade wooden propeller, brake
15 2-Tank manifold - Rego (standard)
16 Quick release Bonanno Y type - complete set
incl. the tether rope and 4t karabiner.
17 Tethering set
set for tethering flights
3x tether line 40 m
6x Stubai carabine 40 kN
18 Tether line 40 m, 11 mm diam.
19 Instrument Flytec Balloon 4
20 Wooden base/pallet for safe basket transport
21 Helium cylinder 5,2 litre
Price is 80 000 € (vat is not included)

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