In need for a pilot for the next season? (with EASA D rating)

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I am a Hot air Balloon pilot, with experiences since 1999, an EASA BPL Commercial license with A,B,C, and D rating, RT rating and LPE level 6. Also thether rating, English: Excellent, German: Good.

I had an FI rating for many years. I had 4 balloons of my own, with my company Silverstar Ballooning, but sold all of them in 2011.
I have been flying mostly in The Netherlands, and since 2014 every summer in Denmark. Also in several other European countries like Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Norway. And also a time in Taiwan in 2013 and two months in India (2017-2018). And a period on Spitsbergen in 2018.
I am looking for a nice place to fly balloons, anywhere in the world. Time and other conditions to be discussed.
I am self employed and my company has a VAT number.
For more information and my resume, just send an email.

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Sebe Kruijer
NL-8172 VW Vaassen


Telefon: 0031578574378
Homepage: www.silverstar-life-balance.nl

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